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Among Us




Launch of a Super Chicken nugget in the shape of Among Us.

Possibly, this is the most original campaign we have had the pleasure to be part of.

The Chilean brand, Super Pollo, launched a limited edition of nuggets in collaboration with the popular game Among Us, and they had a campaign prepared that we were not going to forget. This campaign involved launching a nugget into SPACE. And they wanted Dylantero and Caprimint to be two of the four streamers to showcase this feat.

The campaign began on Instagram to prepare their different communities, and the moment of truth would take place on Twitch. The live broadcast took place in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The nugget was launched into space using a High-Altitude Balloon at a distance of 32 km above sea level and a temperature of -53.7 degrees Celsius.

The preparation for this campaign lasted for many months to ensure its perfect execution, and thanks to our creators and the brand, the campaign was a spectacle. Everyone was truly delighted and amazed by it.